Sorcerer Token Project Roadmap

The roadmap for the Sorcerer Token project outlines key milestones from the initial launch through the expansion into international markets. Each phase is designed to build upon the previous, ensuring steady progress and value creation for token holders and the broader community.

Phase 1: Launch – Early May 2024

  • Objective: Officially launch the Sorcerer Token on the Solana blockchain.
  • Key Activities:
  • Complete final tokenomics and distribution strategy.
  • Initiate marketing campaigns to raise awareness.
  • Engage with early investors and community builders.
  • Expected Outcomes:
  • Establish a solid foundation of token holders and supporters.
  • Ensure that the infrastructure is robust for the subsequent phases.

Phase 2: First Version Release to Token Holders – September 2024

  • Objective: Release the first version of the Sorcerer Tool exclusively to Sorcerer token holders.
  • Key Activities:
  • Finalize the development of the Sorcerer Tool’s predictive AI functionalities.
  • Conduct extensive beta testing with selected community members.
  • Launch a comprehensive support system for user feedback and continuous improvements.
  • Expected Outcomes:
  • Token holders gain first access to the tool, adding intrinsic value to the Sorcerer token.
  • Collect valuable user data and feedback for refining the tool.

Phase 3: Public Paid Version Release – January 2025

  • Objective: Launch the paid version of the Sorcerer Tool to the public.
  • Key Activities:
  • Implement enhancements and additional features based on feedback from the first release.
  • Develop scalable infrastructure to support a wider user base.
  • Expand marketing efforts to reach a global audience.
  • Expected Outcomes:
  • Open the tool to a broader audience, increasing the utility and demand for the Sorcerer token.
  • Begin generating revenue to fund further development and expansion.

Phase 4: Opening of the First International Corporate Office – September 2025

  • Objective: Establish the first international corporate office to support global operations and community engagement.
  • Key Activities:
  • Identify strategic locations based on market research and community presence.
  • Set up the physical office and local teams to manage operations and community relations.
  • Organize an opening event to promote local and global engagement.
  • Expected Outcomes:
  • Strengthen global presence and support for international users and investors.
  • Enhance the project’s visibility and credibility on the world stage.

These phases are strategically planned to ensure that the Sorcerer Token and its associated tools not only meet the expected standards of functionality and security but also align with the growing demands and opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. The roadmap reflects our commitment to innovation, transparency, and community engagement.